Child Placement Contract Form

Child Placement Contract

  • We agree to enroll our child,

  • in Ward Preschool, licensed by the State of Michigan. We agree that our registration fee is non-refundable. We agree to pay the provider one month’s tuition by May 1st or upon enrollment, whichever comes first.

    We also agree to pay a monthly tuition of $140.00 per month for a two day (½ day) program, $195.00 per month for a three day (½ day) program, $260.00 per month for two day (extended day) program, $390.00 per month for three day (extended day) program, $375 for Young Fives program, and $65.00 per month for the ½ day Friday STEAM Enrichment program. We agree to pay the full fixed rate regardless of absences. We understand that Ward Preschool reserves the right to adjust the fixed monthly tuition rate with 30 days written notice.

    We further agree that the monthly tuition is to be paid by the 1st of every month. The first tuition payment and enrollment forms are due no later than May 1st. If first tuition payment and enrollment forms are not received by May 1st, a $25.00 late fee will be added to your account We further agree to pay Provider’s reasonable costs of collection related to our account, including attorney fees. Prior to the beginning of the school year the 1st month’s tuition is refundable by August 1st.

    Once the school year has begun, we agree that either party may terminate this agreement with two weeks written notice. In the event we do not provide two weeks written notice of withdrawal, we agree to pay Ward Preschool an amount equal to two weeks of tuition as reasonable compensation to the Provider.

    We also acknowledge that Ward Preschool may terminate this agreement without notice if 1) child’s continued participation in the program creates a direct threat to the safety of our child or other children, or Ward Preschool staff or 2) tuition and/or other fees are not paid when due.

    This contract constitutes the entire agreement among the parties to it and supersedes any prior understandings or agreements. Each party acknowledges and states that no representation, inducement, or condition not set forth in the contract has been made or relied upon by either party. The laws of the State of Michigan shall govern this contract.

    Upon signing this agreement, Ward Preschool agrees to abide by the following provisions of the Michigan Administrative Code:

  • R 400.8179 Program
    1. A center shall implement a program plan which includes daily learning experiences appropriate to the developmental level of children. Experiences shall be designed to develop all of the following:
      1. Physical development
      2. Social development
      3. Emotional development
      4. Cognitive development
    2. The program shall be planned to provide a flexible balance of all of the following experiences:
      1. Quiet and active
      2. Individual and groups
      3. Large and small muscle
      4. Child initiated and staff initiated
    3. Developmentally appropriate experiences shall be designed so that throughout the day each child has opportunities to do all of the following:
      1. Feel successful and feel good about him/herself and develop independence
      2. Practice social interactions skills
      3. Use materials and takes part in activities which encourage creativity
      4. Learn new ideas and skills
      5. Participate in in imaginative play
      6. Participate in developmentally appropriate language and literacy experiences
      7. Participate in early math and science experiences
      8. Be physically active
    R 400.8125 Staff and volunteers Rule 125
    1. All staff and volunteers shall provide appropriate care and supervision of children at all times.
      1. A written screening policy for all staff and volunteers, including parents.