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Our aim is to provide an environment where Christian love surrounds our children as we help them build a Christ-centered foundation.

Our desire is for each preschooler to develop a positive self-image, social skills, basic moral and spiritual concepts, and educational skills which will be their foundation for a lifetime of learning and growing.



Our philosophy is “Learning Through Play.”

Ward Preschool was established to provide children a Christ-centered foundation for the development of a positive self-image; socialization skills, basic moral and spiritual concepts, and educational readiness skills; all to be nurtured to in atmosphere of Christian love.



Our staff-to-child ratio ensures a well-balanced program geared to a child’s individual needs.

Children are encouraged to build positive relationships with their teachers and classmates. Communication between parents and teachers is ongoing throughout the school year, which includes parent-teacher conferences and assessments. All Ward Preschool Staff have been trained in First Aid, CPR, and participate in ongoing professional development.


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“For children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood...”

~Fred Rogers

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Is my child ready for extended day?

Are you wondering what four year old program is the right one for your child? There are a lot of decisions and things to think about.

  • Do I send them to half day or extended day for four year old preschool?
  • Two extended or three extended days?

We are a play-based program that gives children the opportunity to learn and grow in a variety of activities throughout the day that include the areas of physical, social/emotional, spiritual and cognitive development. Many of the activities that the children engage in throughout the day typically cross over in different areas of development.


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My child has an allergy; can your school accommodate this?

Yes, Ward Preschool is an allergy friendly school. The care and safety of your child is something that we take very seriously.

  • Any child with an anaphylactic food allergy is required to have an EPI-Pen at school with a Food Allergy Action Plan completed by the child’s physician.
  • Snack will be provided by Ward Preschool.  Ward Preschool strives to be a peanut/tree nut free school.  Parents of children in the Extended Day and Young Fives programs are required to provide lunch for their child.  Lunches should be nutritious and peanut/tree nut free.
  • Any outside snacks that are brought in must adhere to our peanut/tree nut free policy. Outside snacks are required to be approved by the Ward Preschool Office before they are allowed to be served in a classroom.
  • From the classroom level, children with allergies have an individualized snack list that is approved by the parent/guardian at the beginning of the school year. Only those snacks on the approved list are served to your child. If your child has a specific allergy that requires specialized snacks, the parent/guardian may provide an alternative snack per doctor documentation, as long as it adheres to our outside snack policy/procedure.
What is your staff-to-child ratio?

Our staff-to-child ratio ensures a well-balanced program geared to a child’s individual needs. We follow all State of Michigan mandated licensing rules for staff-to child ratios.


Each classroom has at least one Lead Teacher and one Assistant Teacher. Our typical class sizes are: 16 children to 2 adults in our 3 year old program, 18 children to 2 adults in our 4 year old program, and 24 children to 3 adults in our Young Fives program.

Is my child ready for independent preschool?

This is a question that we often receive. If you are considering whether or not your child is ready for preschool, your child should be:

  • Toilet trained, able to care for themselves in the bathroom, without the aid of a diaper or pull-up
  • Able to communicate their needs to others
  • Physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of benefiting from the preschool experience
  • Shows interest in stories, singing and co-operative play
  • Able to follow 2-step instructions
  • Can respond/interact with adults other than parents
Do you offer before & after care?

No, Ward Preschool does not offer any before or after care for children. We are a traditional preschool setting.

Is my child ready for Kindergarten?

State of Michigan guidelines require that children be 5 by September 1st to enter Kindergarten. Therefore, children on the cusp of that September 1st deadline with birthdays in April through August are often considered for Young Fives.


Age, however, isn’t the only way to measure your child’s Kindergarten readiness. There are many factors to consider when deciding to give your child a growth year, and each and every child is different. Kindergarten readiness means having well-developed preschool skills, to be not only academically ready, but also socially, emotionally and physically ready for the transition to Kindergarten.


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Are you a licensed program?

Yes, we are a State of Michigan licensed preschool program. Therefore, we adhere to all mandated licensing rules and requirements.

Parent Testimonials

Such a warm and loving preschool environment for my 2 kids. My daughter attended this preschool for 3 years, starting with the parent/child class for two-year-olds (Two Fun) and graduating from the Four’s program.  She was strong academically but very shy.  Due to such a supportive environment, she grew so much and had good friends by the time she graduated.  When she started kindergarten, she did not miss a beat.  My son started with Two-Fun and is currently loving the Three’s program and will start Four’s next year.  The teachers truly care for each student individually and knows each of their strengths and growth areas.  Class sizes are typically 16/18 for Three’s and Four’s, respectively, with both a teacher and an assistant teacher.  I love that the director, Amy Werthman, makes an effort to know each child by name.  I love that when a child is nervous, she says, “It’s ok to be nervous.”  I love the positive environment and most importantly so do my kids!

Ruth and Wai
Ruth and Wai

Canton, MI

Our four kids all have been immensely blessed by the Ward Preschool ministry.  The consistency of Christ-Centered, love based learning has been amazing through all these years.  The whole staff does an incredible job teaching these young children and building relationships with the families during such a precious time of their lives.

Lucas and Crystal
Lucas and Crystal

Livonia, MI

We knew our children would receive a solid first school experience at Ward Preschool, but we had no idea that it would be delivered with such warmth and care. There is a sense of family about the school staff that helps you and your child feel welcome from day one. Our boys loved attending a school where they were both challenged and encouraged in their learning, while making new friends and having fun. As parents we loved that they were comfortable and thriving while preparing for elementary school. Thank you, Ward Preschool!

Jeremy and Carrie
Jeremy and Carrie

Northville, MI

As our oldest child was about to begin his preschool adventure, we were very nervous about the thought of beginning school, as well as leaving him with individuals other than family!  Ward Preschool took that worry away from the first moment we visited the facility!  From the director, to the front desk, to the classroom teachers, every individual involved with Ward Preschool cares for your child like they were their own!

Nick and Julie
Nick and Julie

South Lyon, MI

Our son has been at Ward Preschool for three years now, and we highly recommend their program to everyone we know! The staff provides a safe, nurturing and structured environment for the kids, and they really make an effort to make our son feel welcome and comfortable every day. Our son always says he has fun at school, and often comes home singing songs from the day! He is quickly learning his letter sounds, writing and counting skills, and more…

Lindsey and Carl
Lindsey and Carl

Novi, MI